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How to (Ethically) Hack a Website

Submitted by Ameya Apte (@ameyaapte1) on Feb 9, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


The session will focus on web security essentials, help people write more secure web applications, it will focus on the most common web application security risks. It will encourage people for pentesting to secure various technologies. A hands on demo of the exploits and the mitigation techniques will be presented.


How web applications work

A quick overview about servers,databases,client-server architecture.

The following web attacks will be explained along with a demo

SQL Injection

SQL basics, query creation, attacks, prevention


Javascript basics, What is XSS, Types of XSS, prevention

File upload attacks

Basics, The exploit, prevention

Sensistive data exposure

Basics, prevention


General guidelines to mitigate attacks, pentesting, useful resources and how to use them.

Speaker bio

I’m a Third year Computer Engineerring Student at COEP, FOSS supporter, Technology enthusiast.


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