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Submitted by Gautam Rege (@gautamrege) on Feb 23, 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


This talk is about Go (and yes - there will be a lot of puns about Go).
+ Why Go? + How different is it from other languages and why was it made? Will it Go? :| + When to Go? + Go-routines and Channels and how concurrency is achieved. + Demo demo demo


This talk is about understanding and learning Go. I also talk about how Go can be used very effectively even in conjuction with other languages like Ruby and Python! How do we achive enormous concurrent and parallel processing using very less resources!

An entertainging talk with a LOT of puns :D

Speaker bio

Gautam is a Rubyist and a Gopher and has been programing for the better part of 20years now. He start Josh Software 10 years ago. He is a published Author and has spoken at quite a few international conferences. He loves to travel, code, talk and drink beer!


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