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Android Application Development

Submitted by Amarpreet Singh Arora (@amarpreetsingha) on Feb 23, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


Workshop will be conducted by a team of 4 (Amarpreet, Shirkant, Prathamesh and Ashish). It will be total interactive session and consist of building an Android Application from scratch to end covering all the concepts of front end and back end. Java as primary language will be used for developing an application.


Workshop mainly will be covering following topics:
Android Basics
Building Layout
Making Application Interactive
Data Storage


Laptop with installed Android Studio.
USB cable and Android Phone ONLY in case if you are not using an emulator for app debugging purpose.

Speaker bio

We have conducted Android Application Development workshop in COEP MindSpark‘17. We are Android Application developers and developed various applications.



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