Libre, not Gratis

Debian packaging hackathon

Submitted by pravi (@pravi) on Feb 19, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Submitted


Sit together in a room hacking on debian, packaging software not yet available in debian repositories.



  1. You should be familiar with command line already or attended
  2. You should know git already or attended
  3. You should know how to create .deb files (There will be workshops to teach you this before the hackathon)

Speaker bio

I’m a Debian Developer maintaining over 690 packages in debian (mainly nodejs and ruby libraries required for gitlab and diaspora). I’m part of many teams maintaining Free Software based communication and collaboration services like, and I mentor students to start contributing to Free Software. I’m an advocate of civil liberties, and focus on regaining civil liberties like privacy in digital era (Founding member of Indian Pirates




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