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Understanding the technical barebones of the Ethereum blockchain with Hands On

Submitted by Aditya Malu (@aditya1904) on Feb 10, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


While the world is going crazy behind cryptocurrencies, there are very few who understand the underlying technology, the blockchain, at a fundamental level. In this talk, we will try to explain you how ethereum blockchain works at a technical level. We’ll breakdown the concepts from the Ethereum Yellow Paper and try to explain them in a simple manner.
We hope that the attendees will have a better grasp of the blockchain technology after attending the session.


The blockchain technology
How does Ethereum blockchain differ from others?
The Ethereum blockchain paradigm
Components of the Ethereum Blockchain
Exploring a Private Ethereum Network (Live)


Participants are required to have a basic knowledge of networking and cryptography. Participants having laptop is a plus.
We need a projector for presentations.

Speaker bio

The session will be delivered by three speakers Akash Sarda, Vijesh Gandhare and Aditya Malu. The speakers are Final Year Computer Engineering Students. We are currently working on a blockchain project and trying to make a contribution by proposing a protocol to solve blockchain scaling problem.



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